TESLA inverter 5KW180M3 R32 Incl Montage



Capacity 18000BTU 5KW
Rated volt and frequency V/Hz 220-240V~/50HZ
Mode Cooling Heating
Rated capacity W 5250 (1200~5400) 5500 (1200~5800)
Power input W 1660 1490
Current input A 7.35 6.60
SEER-SCOP/ Energy Class W/W 6,57/ A++ 4,02/A+
Operating range (°C) 14 – 43°C -15 – 30°C
Dehumidifying Kg/h 1.8
Degree of protection (IN) / (OUT) (IP) IPX4/IPX4
Class of electric protection (IN) / (OUT) Class I / Class II I/I
Max. input consumption W 2900
Max. current A 12
Model KSM135D23UFZ
Type DC
Brand GMCC
Model D-310-30-8
Power input W 30
Capacity uF 1,5
Indoor Fan Speed RPM r/min 1180
Indoor fan Dia. / Length mm Φ106×715
Indoor Air Circulation (m3/h) m3/h 850
Indoor Noise Level dB dB(A) 47
Net Dimension (L×W×H) mm 900×310×225
Packing Dimension (L×W×H) mm 970×382×302
Net Weight/Gross Weight Kg 12,0/14
Model D-40-8
Power input W 40
Capacity uF 1,5
Outdoor Fan Speed RPM r/min 900
Outdoor fan Length mm 421
Outdoor Noise Level dB dB(A) 58
Net Dimension (L×W×H) mm 800×545×315
Packing Dimension (L×W×H) mm 920×620×400
Net Weight/Gross Weight Kg 35,0/37,5
Refrigerant type/weight g R32/1280
Max. Discharge/Max. Suction pressure Mpa 4,28/1,18
Refrigerant piping
Liquid side / Gas side mm 6.35 (1/4)/12.7 (1/2)
Max. refrigerant pipe length /
Max. difference in level m 25/10

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